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School Description: 

Anand Niketan Ahmedabad Logo
Anand Niketan Satellite has emerged as a holistic educational institute that caters to the holistic needs of students. It is a co-educational english medium school which is affiliated to CBSE. The school started in the year 2005. The school boats of a well experienced and competent group of educators for each subject of study, state of the art modern facilities and also various activities and student related services. The school has managed to reach and attain standards of excellence because of its constant commitment to education. Particularly the school has also tried too improve educational facilities and tried to meet the new demand of education in a simple yet effective and excellent manner. The school has over 1200 students from Pre K to Grade 10 and will be upgraded to Grade 11 & 12 in the upcoming years.

School Official Information

Anand Niketan Satellite Ahmedabad School Building

Sailent Features Offered By School:-

The school is based in sprawling Extensive Campus and blessed with lush greenery silent surroundings that are conducive for learning. The school is equipped with all the basic facilities that are required and at the same time serve the best academic and extra circular needs of students. Spacious classrooms that are well spaced out and also offer of the state of the art multimedia facilities. Apart from that the school offers well stocked libraries that offers range of books, CDs, periodicals and newspapers and multimedia section, study, laboratories and facilities for games.

Additional Features :-

Visits and Outings -

The school conducts different educational trips from primary to secondary level students. The purpose of the trip is usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities. Field trips are generally domestic, but for high school students, it becomes international.


The school has achieved unbelievable growth and success. It has extended to about 13 campuses, in & around Ahmedabad. The various branches offer different Boards of education to children, right from ICSE, IGCSE and CBSE. The multifarious academic & non-academic achievements of students have contributed to the name earned by the school.


The school curriculum is equipped with a unique combination of traditional educational theory and practice. The school seeks to implement a learning model, using teaching systems and methods that makes more comfortable to the students to learn. The school has sturctured the curriculum carefully for the students. The curriculum develop social, behavioral and life-skills in each child so that they become fulfilled and highly productive members of

Teaching Methods:-

The school teachers has a unique way of teaching. They believe in hands on learning has a better chance of being stored in the memory. They involves the child in a total learning experience which enhances the child's ability to think, connect and apply. It revolves around multiple intelligences of children.

Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities:-

It is a non academic activity conducted by the school for the students. Students are given opportunities to participate in track & field events, various inter & intra school sports programmes, as well as training in specific disciplines through after school coaching programmes.

The school conducts different activities like:-

Houses - The children from Grade 1 onwards, are divided into 4 houses – Agni, Jal, Prithvi & Vaayu.

Clubs - The wide interests and talents of students are catered to through the different clubs.

Events and Celebrations:- The school celebrates different festivals like Rakshabandhan, Janmastmi, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Diwali, Idd, Christmas and Republic Day.

Admission Enquiry for Anand Niketan Satellite-

Admission procedure is one of the most important part of schools. Admission will normally follow interview and tests suitable to the age group. It is the process through which students get the entry in the school. The Enrollment procedure for the school is as follows:-

Age - The age eligibilty for Pre -nursery is 2 ½ years +, for nursery 3 ¼ years + , for K.G 4 ¼ years +
The school's academic session commences in April every year and consists of 2 terms- April to September and October to March. The application along with registration fee and a copy of the child's Birth Certificate is to be deposited at the School Reception. The registration fee is non-refundable .The process of registration does not guarantee admission.

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The School boasts of skilled and competent faculty for every subject of study. The faculty is also trained in every possible manner for meeting the holistically needs of the students which is of prime most importance along with academic pursuits. 

A message for all the students in the world from the school -

Philosophy - The school was founded to create a place where all individuals can develop their individuality in a socially acceptable manner, for the benefit of the
society. The aim was that quality education should be available at all levels and for all.

Mission & Vision - To nurture students like seeds with joy, instilling proficiency in them through activity, thus honing their skills and helping them grow into a complete tree.

Return childhood to children and bring out the best in them by advocating the creation of an environment, where joy of work and co-operation are the key motivating factors, and the role of adults as teachers and parents is to nurture the inherent values and qualities present in each child.

Strive to change the face of modern education by :
Recognizing the potential in students 
Realizing their dreams 
Rejoicing in their success

Student Performance in Anand Niketan

Contact Details: 

B/h. Fun Republic,
Nr. Asawari Tower,
Off S.G. Road, 
Satellite, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India.

Anand Niketan Satellite Ahmedabad on Google Map:

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